For better understanding – Ukraine publishes crypto instructional videos on Youtube

The Ukrainian government wants to provide its population with basic knowledge about crypto currencies.

The Ukrainian Ministry for Digital Change has filmed a web series with which it wants to impart basic knowledge about crypto currencies, blockchain and Bitcoin ( BTC ) to its population

The first episode of the show was released on Wednesday and is part of the “Diia.Digital Education” program of the Ukrainian government. Binance, Hacken and Crystal Blockchain were involved in the development of the program.

The web series consists of a total of eight episodes, each six to twelve minutes long, and dealing with a knowledge topic from the fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The former banker and entrepreneur Andriy Onistrat will host the show, interviewing guests from the blockchain and crypto industries.

The first instructional video is already available on Youtube, which generally revolves around cryptocurrencies as a digital transaction system. After introductory explanations, the special properties that make crypto currencies a very special form of digital currencies are highlighted. One of these properties is the verifiability of the quantities in circulation.

As Onistrat cites as an example, the Ukrainian central bank could print any number of units of its own national currency completely unnoticed, which is not possible with a crypto currency like Bitcoin

Ivan Paskar, the Ukrainian head of marketing at the Binance crypto exchange, explains in this context that the amount of Bitcoin in circulation is completely transparent and visible, which means that such manipulation would not go unnoticed. Since the amount of Bitcoin in circulation is limited anyway, such an approach is impossible.

In the further course of the program, the moderator and guest will discuss other concepts and projects in the field of crypto and blockchain, including Ethereum, smart contracts and decentralized crypto exchanges. Although the format of the show is mostly beginner-friendly, Onistrat also asked his interview partner a few more in-depth questions, for example to what extent the basic ideas of freedom and decentralization are compatible with the collection of information from centralized crypto exchanges.

After watching all the episodes, viewers of the webshow should be issued a certificate that attests to their basic knowledge of blockchain and crypto. The instructional videos are another step taken by the Ukrainian government, which wants to promote the know-how of its people in relation to digital technologies. For this purpose, the Ministry for Digital Change has already published other web series under the mottos “Digital Lessons for Teachers” and “How to Become a Youtuber”.

The ministry had previously also advocated clearer regulation in the crypto industry , which is why some experts now see the country as an attractive starting point for crypto companies. The large crypto exchange Binance is helping the ministry to design the relevant guidelines.